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We proudly represent various types of businesses serving Ohio’s recreational boating community. An investment in OMTA is an investment in the future success of your business and the marine industry. We help our members build customer loyalty, cultivate fulfilling careers, and attain financial success.



Marinas and Yacht Clubs, and Marine Dealers and Brokers that actively engage in the sales of boats, PWC’s, and other watercraft.



Marine-Related Businesses that sell or provide a service that is directly tied to the boating lifestyle.  Marine-Support Businesses that provide support services to marine industry members and/or the boating public.



Organizations registered as a non-profit (501c3) entity both within or outside the state of Ohio.

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Ten Reasons to Join OMTA

The Ohio Marine Trades Association (OMTA) is recognized as the only statewide trade association representing all segments of Ohio’s thriving marine industry, including dealers, marinas, service centers, manufacturers, supplier services, and more. Our mission is to promote and support the growth of Ohio’s marine industry.

1.OMTA ENSURES YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS by expertly handling critical tasks that are difficult to accomplish alone. We navigate the ever-changing landscape of state regulatory proposals, saving you valuable time and effort in researching, monitoring, compiling, and complying with mandated requirements.

2.OMTA SAVES YOU MONEY. Let the numbers speak for themselves. Imagine spending just 10 hours a month for you or your staff to gather and digest the valuable information OMTA offers its members. With an ROI on your dues investment reaching 10 times the real cost per hour (including benefits), paid to your staff members for the same task, the value becomes clear.

3.OMTA EMPOWERS YOUR BUSINESS with education seminars and expert speakers covering vital topics, from employee recruitment and retention to digital marketing promotions and techniques. Our goal is to equip you and your team with the knowledge and skills to boost boat and service sales effectively.

4.OMTA ENSURES EXCLUSIVE MEMBER UPDATES through various channels, including newsletters, members-only websites, Zoom meetings, and email notices. Our dedicated team is readily available to assist all members promptly via phone whenever needed.

5.OMTA RETAINS A FULL-TIME LOBBYIST based in Columbus that offers round-the-clock monitoring of all proposed legislative or regulatory actions that might affect our industry. This ensures immediate access to crucial information and a skilled lobbyist prepared to testify and educate lawmakers and regulators on our behalf.

6.OMTA OFFERS VALUABLE AWARDS & SCHOLARSHIPS for college and technical training students through their Educational Foundation. As a member, you have the opportunity to extend this exceptional no-cost benefit to your employees and their children, providing them with access to educational opportunities.

7.OMTA HIGHLIGHTS THE JOYS & BENEFITS OF BOATING on Ohio’s waterways through community events, sponsorships, and media outreach.

8.OMTA PROACTIVELY ADVOCATES FOR INCREASED SPENDING to develop, renovate, and enhance access facilities essential for your customers. We maintain regular engagement and direct negotiations with federal and state agencies to ensure your customers’ needs are met efficiently and effectively.

9.OMTA DELIVERS TANGIBLE FINANCIAL BENEFITS for our members. We work behind the scenes to prevent negative regulations and tax proposals that could impact your business adversely, safeguarding your hard-earned dollars in your bank account. These invaluable protections often go unnoticed, ensuring your business remains financially secure and successful.

10.OMTA EXCELS AT UNITING ASSETS & PEOPLE to drive positive change that directly benefits dealerships, marinas, supply businesses, employees, and customers alike. Through our collaborative efforts, we create a thriving environment that fosters success and growth throughout the industry.