Pioneering a New Platform to Inform and Connect

New platforms and Initiatives Keep Focus on Boating

Creating new ways to highlight the boating lifestyle and generate new retail customers for LEMTA members is a constant objective of LEMTA. From passing a law that every June is officially designated “Ohio Goes Boating Month” (the only state with such a designation) to creating the ON THE WATER OHIO digital promotional program, generating retail sales for members is the always the mission.

Connecting our region with the water

Great Lakes to Grand Rivers, how do you make your life a
water life? Connect with the people, places and events that will
get you out and get you on the water.

Your voice, where it matters.

As a member, you benefit because we do what your busy daily schedule won’t allow you to do for yourself – monitor every proposed legislative and regulatory action that could impact your marine business. And, we do it 24/7/365 in both Columbus and Washington.

The Boating Association of Ohio (BAO) is the organization we founded and utilize for all your governmental watchdog and advocacy needs. And, as a LEMTA member, you are automatically a BAO member as a portion of your dues is transferred to the BAO operations that we administer from our LEMTA headquarters. Call it a Two-For-The- Dues-of-One deal!

A Brighter Tomorrow Through Education

At OMTA, we strongly believe in the transformative power of education. We offer the Lake Erie Marine Trades Association Educational Foundation, Inc. Scholarship to provide individuals with the opportunity to unlock their full potential in their pursuit of academic excellence.